What are Tags in YouTube?

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Digital Marketing Company Menu Home Agency Follow Us: Search Search for: What are Tags in YouTube? Home Digital Marketing What are Tags in YouTube? Digital Marketing January 11, 2021January 11, 2021 admin What are Tags in YouTube? Do you know what are tags in YouTube? or do you ever tried this? If you don’t know, then don’t worry.

In this blog post you will going to learn about what are tags in YouTube and how you can find best YouTube tags for your videos. And if you have a YouTube channel then you should know about this tags in YouTube because these help in your video ranking.

So without any further delay, let’s get started. What are Tags in YouTube?

YouTube tags also known as video tags. These are basically the keywords which contains hash(#) symbol in starting. Tags plays a very important role in YouTube video ranking algorithm. Importance of YouTube Tags

If you are a Youtuber then these tags are very useful. When people search these tags on youtube search then your videos will show if they contain that tags.

You can add more than one tags in youtube videos. These gives signals to the google and YouTube about your video topic and category. Best Practices About YouTube Tags 1. First Tag Must be Target Keyword

Youtube plays special attention to your first few tags. If you put your important keywords first then this may increase your video ranking.

For example, you want to rank your video on “public speaking” then your first tag must be #publicspeaking. 2. Use a Mix of Broad and Focused Tags

Let’s first understand what is broad tags and focused tags. Focused tags are your video main topics, main keywords. Broad tags are related to your category or niche.

You must use focused keywords but broad keywords are also very important.

For example, suppose your primary keyword of video is “how to lose weight fast”.

Then your focused tags in YouTube will be “#howtoloseweight”, “#howtoloseweightfast”, “#fastweightloss” etc.

And your broad tags in YouTube will be “#fitness”, “#weightloss” etc. 3. Don’t Overfill Your Video with Tags

Don’t just stuff your video with keywords because you know that tags in YouTube helps your video to rank. Because this can do more harm than good.

Use the tags according to their use in the video. You have the limit of 30 tags to use in the video. But it doesn’t mean that you have to use the 30 hashtags in each and every video.

But do you know why I am saying this. The reason is because it makes the YouTube confused to understand what actually your video is about. YouTube Tags Generator Tools

When you go for finding tags for YouTube then you will understand that it is not easy to find tags in YouTube.

And you don’t just have to find the tags but you also have to find the popular tags with less competition, so that you can get faster results.

But you don’t need to worry about this, there are some YouTube tags generator tools available that can help you in this.

So let’s learn about these tools in detail. 1. TagsYouTube

TagsYoutube is a free tool that can generate a list of tags for you and you can use these tags in your youtube videos.

You have to just enter your main keyword in the search box and they will find the related keywords for you.

But there is one problem with these tool that this does not tell the competition and searches of that tags. 2. VidIQ Boost

VidIQ is a paid tool and VidIQ Boost is a very powerful and useful feature of that.

The best feature of VidIQ is that, you don’t need to leave YouTube editor and go on another site to find tags. With the help of this you can find tags in YouTube editor itself. Conclusion

Thank you for reading this blog. In this blog you learn about what is tags in YouTube and how you can find the best tags in YouTube.

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