Here’s How I Got $704 for a Single SEO Content & Ghostwriting Gig in July

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Here’s How I Got $704 for a Single SEO Content & Ghostwriting Gig in July… | Bamidele Ojo | Copywriter | Content Strategist +234-905-591-5489 Facebook Twitter Google RSS Facebook Twitter Google RSS Home Services Blog Select Page Here’s How I Got $704 for a Single SEO Content & Ghostwriting Gig in July…

by Bamidele Ojo | Aug 21, 2020 | Freelancing | 0 comments Welcome to another week. It is a new week and another opportunity to start on a new plate. Something happened in July that you would be thrilled to know. You will get the full gist in a bit. Before then, let me quickly tell you that if you are being underpaid as a content strategist or freelance writer, it may be because you are not going where the money is. Where is the real freelancing money in 2020? How can I become a high, paid freelance writer? These are questions that I often get in my DM. If the same questions are on your mind, then you need to pay attention to this post to find out the answers. COViD-19 pandemic affected a lot of businesses. Consequently, freelancing and digital skills are what a lot of people have turned to. I’ve been a freelance coach for some time. So, I know what I’m talking about here. We all need some dose of motivation to forge ahead irrespective of the challenges we face along the way. I, therefore, felt I should share one of my impressive results in July 2020 to motivate others. I believe my success story would, no doubt, be of help to others struggling to get their first freelance writing gigs. Without further ado, let’s dive into the real meat of this post. You can GET High-Paying Clients through Cold Pitching, Social Media, and LinkedIn Prospecting. Let me reiterate that I’m a big fan of cold pitching and social media prospecting, especially LinkedIn. Most of my high paying clients have come from Cold Emailing and Social Media Prospecting. I had barely sent a few pitches at the beginning of July when this client indicated an interest in their need for content creators. The conversation was ignited. No sooner had we begun to discuss before the client asked for my rate card. This is always a tricky question. Many will say: I charge so and so amount. Every freelance writer must come to terms with the fact that they are the sales rep, marketer, accountant, and CEO of their freelance business. Having been in the freelancing space for over five years, I don’t usually answer the question in just one sentence. Respond with Positioning Statement or Unique Selling Point I created a powerful positioning statement for my content and copywriting services. This formed part of my response to clients. For instance, if you are a good SEO content writer, you can say: “I help brands beat their competitors and get more traffic to their site through content that rank at the top in Google searches.” I also leveraged Social proofs and Sample portfolio. I’m AWAI and Digitalmarkerter Certified Content Writer. Towards the end of July, I also got Hubspot certification for Inbound Marketing. The essence of certifications is for social proof. I’ve shared some of these in my post called “Third World Hack to be among the top 5 percent!” Here’s the post if you missed it: link Many big companies won’t hire you without relevant social proofs. I leveraged all these while responding to the gig offer. I made the client see the value I’m bringing to the table. Eureka Moment! I’ve been on Fiverr for over five years. I’ve charged as much as $25-$30 for a 150-word copywriting gig. I usually charge a flat rate for content writing. But this was the very first time a client would offer to pay me per word. I don’t want to tell you I jumped at the offer. The first job commissioned by the client was to be a writing sample to gauge my writing ability and determine if I can deliver on the values I promised earlier. The topic was assigned, the first I would ever write in that niche within the IT industry. Asking relevant questions is highly important. Before I started the content research, I asked relevant questions. I already mastered that art from my over five years of writing for clients on Fiverr. No one knows the target audience as the client does. Yes, they relate with their leads and clients every day. So, don’t be afraid to ask about the target clients, their pain points, the goal of the content, and any other relevant questions. My questions were answered swiftly. That led me to the research process. Was the research a walkover? I wished I can tell you it was. But it was the opposite despite having years of writing and freelancing experience behind me. To be candid, the assigned topic was not so easy. But I’ve inculcated the habit of sticking to my goals until I achieve them. And my ultimate goal is always to deliver pure gold to every single client. The first draft of the content was eventually delivered within three days. The client had earlier asked how many revisions I am open to. I mentioned that my SEO content ghostwriting services come with 2-3 revisions. My experience on the Fiverr platform informed this response. Coming to the remuneration part, the rates offered me was 180-200$ for 1000 words. In the long run, we ended up with an in-depth research article that goes a little bit over 3000 words. My invoice was requested, and for the first time, I earned 20 cents per word as an IT content writer. Not only that, but I also earned over $700 from a single IT long-form blog post. I’ve earned $750 from a single copywriting gig on Fiverr. It was for hundreds of product description gigs, which took me weeks to complete. Besides, I ended up getting only $600 after Fiverr deducted their 20 percent commission. But through cold pitching, the entire $704 is mine to keep. If you want to break loose from getting paid peanuts, I recommend giving Cold pitching and LinkedIn prospecting a trial. And target niches and industries that are less affected by Covid-19. These include IT, global online opportunities, software, work from home lifestyle, online education, home renovations, fitness, and health, home security, and cybersecurity. Keep working on your goals. And don’t stop anytime soon. Sow in the morning, noon and evening. You never know which one will fall on the fertile ground. Cast your bread on waters, for, after many days, it will come back to you. Over to you… What progress or breakthrough did you have in July? Do you have any challenge getting freelancing clients during this period? Let’s hear from you. I look forward to reading your success stories, as well. Bamidele Ojo Content Strategist and Freelance Coach Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *


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