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Conservatives Accuse Jill Biden of Copying Melania Trump’s Inaugural Outfit, and Come Up Short close close Home Politics – News Analysis Economy Election 2018 Election 2020 GOP Hypocrisy Human Rights Video About Us Contact Us and Corrections Advertise with Us Conservatives Accuse Jill Biden of Copying Melania Trump’s Inaugural Outfit, and Come Up Short Politics – News Analysis Economy Election 2020 GOP Hypocrisy Human Rights Video Facebook Twitter YouTube RSS Search Politics – News Analysis Conservatives Accuse Jill Biden of Copying Melania Trump’s Inaugural Outfit, and Come Up Short

By Jason Miciak
February 5, 2021 Share Tweet Share Flip It Print One of the many aspects that confirmed the cult character of the MAGA movement was the over the top worship of Melania Trump. Melania could do no wrong, she was “so beautiful” (they must like statues) and she was all heart. On that first occasion when we heard that the MAGAs proclaimed Melania to be the new Jackie Kennedy we nearly coughed on our Dorito. Jackie Kennedy created the Rose Garden out of … roses! Melania Trump took a perfectly functioning rose garden and created a renovation with concrete.

A minor thing, symbolizing so much.

It has been less than a month, but now the MAGAs are starting to already talk about Dr. Jill Biden – they hate it when we remind them that the First Lady is educated, educated so much that so that she teaches others to educate – and because they’re MAGAs, they cannot say, “Jill Biden is like Melania, she seems very nice and striking.” No, it is all a competition and no one can compete against the cult’s leader.

Naturally, the cult – largely made of men, will start with sex appeal and while you and You and I  might say “Does it have to be a competition, can’t we say they’re both beautiful?” that is not how MAGA works. Given they want competition, we might then say, “Perfect, case closed, our Jill Biden is strikingly beautiful and can make 30-year-old men weak-kneed,” which happens to be true. And “Melania terrifies 30-year-old men and would terrify any man who isn’t 60-90 and worth over one billion.

Their latest is that Dr. Jill “copied” Melania’s Inaugural Day outfit. This is so not true as to not be funny. We also wonder if the MAGAs really want to revisit First Ladies copying other First Ladies. Regardless, Melania doesn’t own a certain color, nor are the outfits all that close. Much of the choice surely has to do with what a certain color looks like against a gray Jill will never be Melania no matter how hard she tries…

— The Conservateur (@ConservateurUSA) January 20, 2021

Yeah, identical, huh? And just try to imagine how many negative fcks Jill cared about what Melania wore during her one inauguration. It isn’t like there’s a large Melania sample size!

Twitter quickly came to defend Dr. Jill: Just gonna leave this here.

— Spaghetti In The Alleyway (@bella_notte19) January 20, 2021

Yeah Melania could never be a woman like Jill. We finally have an educated and classy First Lady 🥰

— MAX (@maxy_herna) January 20, 2021

And MT will never be Jackie Kennedy

— Eternal⁷ 💜 Grammy Nominated Billboard #1 BTS (@MissesJimin) January 20, 2021

True, because unlike Melania Jill will be a lovely first Lady loved by not only the nation and it’s people but by the whole world. Ha! How you like that? 😏

— Tyiaunia Lashya Harr (@TyiauniaHarris1) January 20, 2021

Hahahahahaaa!! And THANK SWEET JESUS for that!!! She has compassion, she had a brain, she has a doctorate degree, OMG… She has a husband that loves and cherishes her!!! Jill is what we want ALL American women to be, what we want them to APSIIRE to be!!!

— My_INFAMOUS_Life (@INFAMOUS_RJK) January 21, 2021

Melania literally copied a Michelle Obama speech word for word lol

— Ryan Houlihan (@ryanhoulihan) January 20, 2021

Why would she want to? Dr. Biden is a beautiful, educated woman. Melania can be like her if she is willing to work hard at it. Money doesn’t buy class.

— Christina (CJ) (@cjensen23) January 21, 2021

I hope not. I want a First Lady we all haven’t seen naked. Thank you.

— 🇺🇸 Nia Bloom 🇺🇸 (@NiaBloom6) January 21, 2021

That’s soooo true- she knows how to keep her clothes on AND keep her husband happy 😏🤭😘🖕👋👋🤣

— Jessie Handley (@batspider55) January 21, 2021

Sooooooooooo True!!!!! A gold digging, but otherwise complicit stripper vs a PhD, teacher, stylish woman………not even close

— Ian Johnston (@ianfj927) January 21, 2021

That’s Dr. JILL BIDEN to you.

Also, that’s actually a good thing you imbecile!

— 🦋👸Lady Kensington 💕 (@KayeVee93) January 20, 2021


She’ll never be an Eastern European Hooker that destroyed Jackie’s Rose Garden, enjoyed the suffering of children that RepubliKlans put into cages, and gosh she’ll never be forced to share space with that coward Drumpf.

America has a First Lady again rather than a hooker.

— M J (@texson6886) January 21, 2021

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Jason Miciak

Jason Miciak is an attorney, author, political analyst and writer originally from Canada, with dual citizenship, living with his wife and daughter in southern Mississippi. He has an B.S. in Biology and a Minor in American History from Gonzaga University and a J.D. from the University of California. He does as little law as he can get away with while now doing full time writing for Political Flare. He also enjoys gardening, fishing, casual reading in science and dogs. Comments

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