Executive Nurse Coaching

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Welcome to The DocNP. I am Tracy Holman-Speights. So, what is the DocNP? The DocNP is me. I am a doctorate prepared Family Nurse Practitioner. A Little bit more about me… I practiced as a Nurse Practitioner for a several years before I took a clinical management position that led into several leadership positions. I obtained my MBA, so that I could sit at both sides of the table, with both a clinical and business acumen. It is also important to note that I have an AAS in education and a BS in psychology. In 2020, I became a Certified Life and Goal Coach.

Who is the DocNP for:

The DocNP Executive Nurse Coaching supports nurses/nursing students taking ownership of their career. The DocNP is committed to helping nurses achieve career aspirations and overcome barriers preventing burnout. E-Books, Workbooks and Freebies included.