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4.5 cashfxg Visit this website cashfxg Write a review cashfxg See business transparency Write a review Write a review Reviews  607 Write a review Filter by:   Filter by:   Reset filters. Gareth Thomas 1 review GB I have been with CFX since July 2019…

I have been with CFX since July 2019 and its the first MLM company I have joined. The company and its platform have been first rate.
When I have had problems the technical guys have sorted it out really quickly even though its been my own fault.
The front end platform which you get to work with is fairly simple and gives you a lot of information especially about how much you earn and how to collect your profits.
I can’t recommend CFX enough. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Advertisement Jackie Strub 1 review ES CFX – highly recomendable

Never thought I will ever find my prersonal money machine. This company is making it true. And they come up with more opportunities.
Best company I have been with. Trustful, transparent, on time, serious.
I am with this company since October 2019 and I will sure never leave.
Highly recomendable. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Ralph 2 reviews US Wish I had done my due diligence before…

Wish I had done my due diligence before signing up with this scam company, a trusted friend of mine lied to me and signed me up just so he could get his referral bonus. I lost my old phone and for weeks I can’t log into my stupid account and these fraud guys won’t reply my emails and there’s no number to call. Waste of my hard earned $500. Wish I could get a refund. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Georgia Gallagher 2 reviews GB LOSS and nothing good can be said about…

LOSS and nothing good can be said about cashfx. Keep fundcubicle, ¢0m and you will always be investing courageously. They make make it easy for you to make charge backs. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this JG 1 review CA I have been with CFX for 6 months and…

I have been with CFX for 6 months and have not had any issues to date. If you think the trading is to high, check out the trading platform “3 commas,” they show the same results and are strictly a trading platform. I have heard many concerns about EverFX not actually being partnered with CFX but I have yet to have someone explain the following video to me of Najib Kassis (EverFX rep) publicly partnering with CFX at their launch. This review won’t let me post the link but you can easily look it up yourself.

All my red flags have slowly dropped one by one. However, it is almost impossible to be absolutely certain everything is legit and the only thing that will officially tell, is time. So far, I made back what I put in and have pulled it out so my risk is gone and I’m now playing the game. So far, every Saturday I withdraw my profits and have never had a problem. I’m personally not comfortable talking to others about it so I have focused my profits strictly on the trade side and like I said, have made back what I put in. That doesn’t mean it’s not risky. All investments like this are so never go into debt to invest and never invest what your not willing to lose. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Advertisement Shaun quinn 3 reviews GB Cash Fx have really helped a lot of…

Cash Fx have really helped a lot of families and changed peoples lives during the worst historical financial year in a long time. “Covid19” was orchestrated to cripple the masses financially…..CFX was designed to help the masses uncripple and at the same time help people educate themselves via the academy. The academy is brilliant.

Everything in this world is a scam, the banking system, the tax system, insurance companies, pension systems, elections….the whole shazam.

Be smart with your money/energy. Dont place it all in one basket.
Before you invest in something, invest time to look into it.

Companies like CFX will get a lot of critics, the dark forces will be plotting and planning against them creating false reviews and propoganda.

I am invested in CFX and very happy, roll on 2021. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this James Thrift 1 review GB It is simply a fact that cashfx are…

It is simply a fact that cashfx are operating illegally, if the alert at the top of this page isn’t enough just check the financial authority in your country and see if they are licensed… They aren’t licensed in any country.

It should also be telling that cashfx have never responded to a single review even though they have claimed the profile according to trustpilot. So cashfx see all these bad reviews and do not respond to a single one.

If you put $300 into cashfx 70% ($210) goes into your trading balance. You will get paid roughly 1% a working day till you are paid double. When you go to withdraw you pay 20%. Because the interest is only paid on weekdays you get roughly 5% of your trading balance a week. In order to get back 200% it will take 40 weeks. 200% of $210 is $420. Since you pay 20% in fees when withdrawing you will get 80% of 420 after 40 weeks. So after 10 months you now have $336 and the package ends. They are hoping you can’t do Maths. Unless you suck other people into the Ponzi scheme you basically make no money. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Pam Nason 1 review ZA CashFX is the best company I’ve ever…

CashFX is the best company I’ve ever joined. The earnings are great. The daily trade results are exciting. Saturday paydays are so amazing. I’ve been with CFX since August 2019. We have been paid like clockwork. No problem with withdrawals at all.

I started with $300 and have been able to upgrade with commissions only to $7 000. I’m so looking forward to my next upgrade.

So much amazing support. Such a humble CEO, Huascar Lopez. Daily zoom presentations are maxed out. So many great life changing testimonials from members.

Only jealous people and people who don’t understand or refuse to understand the business love to trash a legacy company that works and that cares about making a difference in people’s lives. These clowns are trying their best to turn the attention away from CFX and to get people to focus on their business. Clowns will always be clowns.

I am so thankful and grateful for CFX. This is such an amazing opportunity. I would definitely recommend CFX to everyone. CFX is the best! Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Tracy Graf 1 review CA The results of my thorough investigation with CFX

The results of my investigation with CFX. I understand why some people on the internet are writing bad reviews. It starts with one bad review from a hater and misinformed info and its a domino effect. I have analyzed each and every negative review and here is my conclusion. Some of it is true, but it is not a bad thing this is where people get screwed over and get deterred from starting this business with Cashfx. Cashfx have created a solid platform and a system that’s pretty much fail proof. They do real forex trading and can make up to 800% on your money, but they will pay you about 6 to 15% weekly to you. They most likely keep the rest in case they lose in the forex, they still have the money to keep paying you, so it is consistent. They trade through Everfx, there is no written agreement, because Everfx is licensed and regulated. But I have literally watched a video when the two joined ventures at a massive conference. EverFx is a licensed trading broker, they do the trading. If the government tries to shutdown EverFx, they have a backup company to use and so on, (money talks). Forex trading is heavily regulated all over the world. So instead of paying taxes, doing currency changes to pay people in different countries Cashfx uses bitcoin, todays gold. Massive companies like AMWAY, a 8 billion dollar company, can not see Cashfx grow, which is growing at 1000% daily. It is the most trending company in the world right now and the fastest growing. Companies like AMWAY, will hire online trolls and these lowkey scam investigator style websites to write a bad review. Even this website gives an alert for regulatory advisory which more than one person would have alerted this website, which is not true. Some of the stuff they say are true, but they say it like its bad, BUT ITS NOT. Not having to register with securities, pay fees and taxes to the government allows this company to pay you every day! You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with doing little and investing less then 2 grand sometimes. I used to be that guy to believe these things and have kicked myself for not starting things like this. I am a very skeptical person so I had to really do my research and I have figured out how it all works, they will never tell you exactly how it works, just like the government, but IT WORKS!. …but who do you trust, the government who lies constantly, takes your money every day, or a company that has proven it can and does pay its members every day, has not missed one payment for its hundreds of thousands of members in 200+ countries! What Cash FX does is 100% legal! I have watched a very good friend of mine buy a package for $2,000.00 10 months ago and he is now semi-retired making over $15,000.00 a month in bitcoin, which is supposed to rise to $100,000.00 this year, so he will be more than double his money on top of it. No wonder AMWAY is pushing the panic button, their 8 billion dollar empire is about to crumble because people are jumping ship every day over to CashFX, I have seen it happen. CFX is real, and people are making serious money and changing other peoples lives instead of conning their friends with crappy products ( sorry AMWAY!). I am already a millionaire. I am retired, but this is very cool and I am enjoying watching and hearing the reactions of the people I have shared it with who are getting paid and growing, some with tears thanking me. You are all welcome. I wish I did this in January. I joined on October of 2020 and happy I did, a good way to help people I know instead of giving them free money, which I have done. I get paid daily and withdraw every Saturday, has not missed a beat. I have grown my empire up to $15,000.00 a month in bitcoin already. Your money, your choice. But cant let fake reviews win. I wish everyone a wonderful 2021, and keep each other safe and warm during these hard times, look deeper into opportunities like CashFx, this is gods way of saying sorry for the pandemic. Cheers. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Advertisement Leo Wong 9 reviews HK It turns out Panama’s securities…

It turns out Panama’s securities commission also issued a scam warning on this investment. I will advice all to stay away. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this O’Nuel 2 reviews NG 😂 I laugh when I see fake reviews

😂 😂 I laugh when I see fake reviews. Same people’s misleading reviews made me not to join Cashfx on time. I would have made more profit from my capital than I have now. That was how they also said they will dissapear and not return by January 2021. We are here and basking stronger. I have been with Cashfx is April 2020. I was surprised seeing fake reviews from people who haven’t even invested with Cashfx before. Some saying they have lost money with Cashfx. Pls Trust Pilot should give us options for uploading photos, so we can see uploaded screenshot as proof. If you have joined a clone site or scam site looking like Cashfx, that’s your headache cos the company has warned many to be careful of clone sites like Cashfx. Show me your proof of being scammed by Cashfx and I will show you series of proof of successful payment. I don’t believe in making noise. My money proof will speak for me. I am a proud investor on Cashfx. I am onuelcreates on all social media. I don’t hide my identity. I can show my proof anyday, anytime. Alot of reviews here are based on selfishness and bringing down the good name of Cashfx just to promote theirs. Trying to distract people. Anyways.. Cashfx isn’t for everyone. So we are not here to convince anyone to join us. We get paid whether you refer or not. Referal just comes with extra bonuses outside your ROI. Just stop damaging our image. I rest my case. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Read 1 more review about Cash Fx Group Only the latest review will count in the company’s TrustScore Matt 1 review GB Been scammed by this company

Been scammed by this company . Looking into getting help so I can get some money back .but I don’t think I will . Stay well clear of this company Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Thisura 1 review LK This is a scam …😭😭 Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Advertisement Kalimber 3 reviews CA Cash FX weekly profit

I’m with them since October, every week i’m doing around 5.5% to 6% profit. You can whitdraw your profit after every week. The minimum of 100$ to withdraw and the 20% fees is the only two negative thing i see. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Emmanuel 1 review NG I’M SEEING THE CONSISTENCY WITH CASHFX GROUP

I started with this company 7 months ago and so far the company has consistently paid me every Saturday. The transparency of this company is off the charts and their support system is 100% prompt and dependable. I’m completely sold out to CashFX Group in my future investments. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this J.F Wylie (Wildduck) 1 review GB I took the plunge with cashfx in aug 20…

I took the plunge with cashfx in aug 20 ( 500 dollars).
I had dealing with MLM previously and to be honest caused a great deal of pain nothing was ever easy not even a little and lost my investments.
Why I give cashfx a run was this, I don’t have to introduce anyone to make money therefore if I make a bad judgement I suffer not my family or friends.
To date I’ve increased my investment to 1k dollars as per information on their site 700 trading and 300 to their academy. I have withdrawn 800 dollars – 20% and the 700 is still in my trading account.
I have had no problems with my withdrawal requests to date last one was end of December.
Suck it and see 300 dollars to begin what can you start for this amount?.
Just on this topic and some of the reviews I was involved with another crowd whom promised above bank returns nothing near cashfx and lost 25% of my investment and they where regulated and nothing to do with MLM also no reward for bringing in new customers either. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Justin 2 reviews US CashFX is not a get rich quick scheme…

CashFX is not a get rich quick scheme promoted by other scamming platforms, they do real trade and pay you every Saturday and you have to allow your investment build overtime. Tasted and trused 100%, I get paid every Saturday and that is a promise they have always kept. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Advertisement Matthys Lourens 6 reviews ZA So far so good Cash FX

So far so good. There could be more info on the website itself. To find out they take 20% off withdrawals is quite a shock, even though a portion is supposed to go back into binary but I have not had the privilge of sharing in that. I have 4 downline. But otherwise deposits and withdrawals are good, returns seem real, big group, Youtube active. Q&A difficult because the webinars have over 1000 attending. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this mysti 1 review IE Time is up

Check out MTI today. Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this BillionaireMindset 3 reviews SE I got scammed…

I feel scammed to join this platform. Of course I should have done more research before joining but my sponsor was really good at selling it to me. It will be an expensive life lesson for me.

People promoting it are promising far higher returns than actually is paid out. Promising 25-30% monthly, actual net pay out have been around 5-6% monthly.

Still getting paid almost every Saturday, however, there is no real proof of any real trading. They claim partnership with EverFX, which is a lie. EverFX is not a trader, it is a broker. Hence, you need a license to send your trading signals (buy/sell) to EverFX to execute the trades. CashFX does not have such a license.

Top leaders are famous scammers.

Buy some bitcoin or ethereum yourself instead…

Have fun and live life! Useful Share Reply You’ve already flagged this Advertisement 1 2 3 4 5 6 … Next page are you human? Choose country {{ selectedCountryName }} Australia Österreich Belgique België Brasil Canada Danmark Suomi France Deutschland Ireland Italia 日本 Nederland New Zealand Norge Polska Portugal Россия España Sverige Schweiz United Kingdom United States About About us Jobs Contact Blog Press Community Trust in reviews Support Center Log in Sign up Install App Chrome App Businesses Trustpilot Business Products Plans & Pricing Business Login Blog for Business Follow us on Legal Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Guidelines for Reviewers System status PLACEHOLDER Do Not Sell My Info © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved.