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Abundance Meditation in 6 Easy Steps Home About Contact Disclosure Privacy Policy Shop Login 0 items – $ 0.00 Menu Home Productivity Motivation Relationships Meditation Shop Abundance Meditation in 6 Easy Steps Prakash CVS December 11, 2020 Meditation No Comments Introduction H ow you meditate can deeply have an emotional, physical, and spiritual impact on the course of your life. Intellectuals and early writers state that the way you think about yourself and the world around you can considerably change the way you learn, how you handle stress, how you create success, your resiliency, and even how your immune system functions.

Abundance meditation is whereby a person b elieves there are adequate wealth and resources for themselves and everyone. It refuted the insufficiency of attractions. Meaning destructive and unnecessary competition based on the idea that, if someone else wins or receives favors in a situation, that means you lose; not considering the possibility of all parties winning. Therefore, it builds a belief that the universe has provided everything we need and in abundance. We are all destined for a wealthy, healthy, and successful life. A life of little or nothing is attracted by our wants. If one of us manifests immense wealth, it doesn’t mean that his wealth will create a scarcity of resources for the others to attract their wealth.

Hence guided manifestation for Abundance is getting recognized all over the world as a beneficial endeavor in personal and spiritual development. The predominant belief is that having a structured meditation gives you the liberty to :-Live a life of financial abundance that is unlimited, full, and satisfyingRadiate happiness despite the situationGet affections and valuable items with easeTake full advantage of and enjoy new opportunities that come your wayCreate memorable and meaningful life experiences

Feel confident and safe in your life endeavors and create successful outcomes of abundance Meditation in 6 Easy Steps 1. Understand the power of your subconscious N urturing mindfulness can help decipher when your beliefs are creating an abundance of meditation or scarcity meditation.

Be conscious of the ideas, beliefs, and thoughts in your awareness at all times. It does not happen automatically. It requires your effort to always stop and check your thoughts. If you realize you are not getting the maximum results from one aspect of your life, stop and evaluate your thinking processes. It includes going through your beliefs and evaluating them. Then revise your values and determine whether they are negative, shift your thoughts, and align them with positivity.

Write them down or share them with a friend that you share the same beliefs for abundance for accountability.

Your thoughts control how you feel at a given time. When your subconscious mind brings out thoughts of inadequacy, your feelings at that point will be negative. Negative emotions will take over your actions and words. You need to be very keen on observing the signs of negativity in your awareness to align your subconscious with the good vibes of the life you would want to attract. 2. Make Gratitude a daily habit E xercising gratitude daily is one of the most powerful and widely recognized tools for creating abundance meditation. There are numerous studies on the power of gratitude on well-being.

Show gratitude for what you already have and you will receive more. Do not focus on what you lack or what you do not have. By focusing on what you do not have you will never have enough because you will attract more inadequacy and more poverty. A grateful heart dispels fear and attracts abundance.

Make a gratitude diary. Everyday writes down what you are honestly grateful for. Write down simple everyday things that we normally take for granted. Be grateful for the air you breathe, the ability to use the five senses, the shelter, and the food you have in the house, the job, and the family the universe has given you.

Each day thank the universe for the riches you already have. As you give thanks and show your gratitude, the universe will be receiving your positive vibes and channeling the same back to you. The universe will manifest more wealth, money, and a good life for you to give thanks. 3. Believe in the ‘Impossible’ T he adversary of abundance meditation is a constricted awareness. When you give all your attention to one particular thing, you may be blinded from seeing the other possibilities that are right in front of you. For example, if you focus on Meditating for a vacation only, your mind may be so focused on the vacation and other abundance opportunities may pass you. Always have a broad awareness to create an abundance of meditation in a holistic approach. The universe knows what we deserve, and when we give Abundance meditation a broad perspective, we permit the law of the universe to manifest the things and situations that we truly deserve.

Maintain a regular wealth meditation practice or take a few minutes each day to be somewhere quiet and peaceful. Create a home altar of peace and silence or a power room for your meditation. Believe that you are the child of the universe. The universe responds to our vibes negative or positive. Just like a magnet, the universe resonates with our wishes. With its infinite presence and existence, it can manifest anything and everything you want without limitations whatsoever. The universe is limited by the energy we emit.

A money mantra is a simple, potent proclamation made and vowed out loud to attract wealth, happiness, health, and a good life for you. This brief affirmation shapes the great image concerning your prosperity and should be repeated at least three times daily. Believe it in your heart and soul and you will receive. Create your Abundance mantras for anything you would want in abundance for example meditation for money. 4. Work on and Share Your Passions and Purpose U nderstanding and creating confidence in the things you are both great at and love to do is an excellent way to foster belief in yourself. Learn how to share your gifts and provide value by serving those who would benefit the most. Confidently share what you do through a personal brand presence online or in person. Find out your talents and gifts. The creator has given you gifts to share with the people you interact with. Utilize and share your gift happily and joyously.

Teach others the talents that you have.

If you are a talented pianist, teach others how to play the Keyboard. If you are a great dancer, coach the little ones of the earth the dancing art. Showcase your gifts and let the cosmos see and witness that you are also giving and happy with what you have. Believe in your purposefully and carry out your passions with love. Have the courage and confidence to carry out your duties. Be faithful to the works you have been entrusted with. Show the world the best version of you and reap the rewards. 5. Choose Your Words Wisely and Choose who you listen to T he language you use, as well as what you tell yourself and others, shapes your reality. Are you telling stories of scarcity or tales of money manifestation?

When you are engaged in conversation with a friend or your creator, notice what you are saying about your experience and beliefs. When you find yourself talking about something you can’t have, be, or do even though it’s what you desire, stop yourself and have the courage to say,

“Thank you for listening to me, but I want to take that statement back because that is a scarcity mentality and I am creating an abundance mentality.” Then, say something possible in terms of guided meditation for prosperity.

The secret is a book written by Rhonda Byrne. The book will guide you on how to work with the law of attraction. In the book, Rhonda teaches that you are worthy of your desires and the universe wants you to have them. It helps eliminate scarcity mindsets and creates a belief that you can manifest money.

Another book for mediation is ‘The Book of Life: Daily Manifestations with Krishnamurti — JidduKrishnamurti’.This book contains daily guided steps that open your soul. The book goes beyond the mind’s interpretation of the world and asks us to see our inner self. Krishnamurti explains that we are the totality of human existence. 6. Think like a Starter A bundance meditation needs new experiences in terms of knowledge and progression. Admit that you do not know everything. The beliefs and values that you have worked with over the years in your life can present a new idea that you had not interacted with deeply. Have a beginner’s mindset. Be open and enthusiastic with a willingness to learn new concepts or to get another deeper understanding of what you already knew.

Each day learns something new from the topics you have already interacted with or take a new course. Learn a new hobby or language. You can also start a new project for a charity organization. Learn how to bake or how to play a musical instrument. Take your mind to work and broaden your perspective. Build up the excitement of learning a new skill.

For abundance meditation, explore for new knowledge. Visit the library and search for books on the topic. Learn as much as you can. Make the effort of learning and exploring religious beliefs, cosmology, horoscope, science, and metaphysics, and other thought-provoking blogging subjects. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ABUNDANCE MEDITATION CLICK HERE Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Related Tweet Pin It Related Posts The Benefits of Laughter Therapy The Best Relaxation Techniques Finding The Time To Meditate Regularly About The Author Prakash CVS

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