10 Steps to Modern Shredding

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10 Steps to Modern Shredding – 10 Steps to Modern Shredding is a 10 week online course and consists of:

40 different tutorial videos
10 steps divided into 4 chapters each, from beginner to advanced
In-depth explanation of sweeping, tapping, fast alternate picking and more
In-depth explanation of music theory and practical applications
Tabs and standard notation scrolling in real time on screen, you always see exactly what I play
72 pages of pdf files (transcriptions and graphics), 15 jamtracks
Practice anywhere, anytime
Improve your technique and theory knowledge to become a modern guitar virtuoso
60 days money back guarantee

** (The course videos can only be watched on the 10 Steps to Modern Shredding website. Videos cannot be downloaded for offline access.
The Payment will be managed by DigiStore24 GmbH (DigiStore24.com)

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